Intel CEO Has Show-and-Tell With Trump, Credits Him For Years-Old Jobs Plan

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First it was #DeleteUber...

This time it should be #DropIntel. In an absurd dog and pony show unlike any other in recent history, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich and Donald Trump jumped in front of the cameras to brag about their "accomplishments."

This afternoon, Trump had another tech CEO in the White House for a quick brown-nosing session.

This time it was Intel's Brian Krzanich, a man who previously claimed to his employees that he was against Trump's Muslim ban and divisive rhetoric.

But apparently none of that mattered anymore, because Krzanich had a product to promote.

Visibly uncomfortable, Krzanich stood behind Trump in the Oval Office while Trump took credit for Intel's new planned factory.

Krzanich then took the opportunity to spend several minutes talking about how great his products are while looking like a 3rd grader during show-and-tell.

Krzanich claimed that the new factory, which will be opening in Arizona, will create 3000 new skilled tech jobs - to be attributed to Trump.

But when asked about how long the factory plans had been in the works, Krzanich admitted that Intel started planning this factory several years ago.

He quickly realized that wasn't the correct answer, as he pivoted to talking about how Trump's policies were the catalyst for the decision.

Krzanich was a major Trump supporter in the past.

In fact, according to Fortune, he had planned a fundraiser for Trump in mid-2016, but when he realized the heat he would get, he quickly shut it down.

And while people have been angry at Uber for normalizing Trump's views, few have realized how close Intel has been to Trump.

We shall see how long it takes for people to #DropIntel and start buying processors made by AMD.

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