Journalist Seth Abramson Finds Shocking TRUMP CAMPAIGN LIE, COLLUSION OFFER In Carter Page Testimony

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Famous journalist and lawyer Seth Abramson has reviewed the testimony that Carter Page gave to the House Intel Committee days ago, and he found some shocking information, buried in the documentation.

Here are some of the most shocking and confusing things that have been found so far in the documents. Most of these were found by Abramson, and were tweeted out on his Twitter account, @sethabramson. It's a great follow.

  • Carter Page still doesn't appear to have a lawyer. He brought no lawyer with him to the House interview, and he acknowledged that he was talking without the advice of counsel.
  • Page says there were more than one meeting of the National Security committee, which the Trump administration has tried to downplay as inactive and minor.
  • It was previously reported that Jeff Sessions was in charge of the committee; Page says the guy in charge was J.D. Gordon, who also had questionable Russia ties.
  • Page says he talked to MANY people on the Trump Campaign about his interest in going to Russia. Nobody said he shouldn't do it. One of those people was allegedly Hope Hicks, Trump's right-hand (20-something year old) woman, who based on history is EXTREMELY close to Trump
  • Hicks had previously made many public statements saying there was no connection to Russia; this makes those claims appear to be lies.
  • Page says he wrote a detailed email about Russia to Paul Manafort.
  • Page says that the FBI has talked to 5 or more times already; he insists that the FBI told him he won't be indicted. He appears to have started being interviewed by the FBI in 2016.
  • Carter Page met with the Russian Deputy Prime Minister and Rosneft (the Russian fossil fuel conglomerate mentioned in the Steele Dossier) as late as December 2016; he talked to him in July 2016 and claimed the conversation was nothing more than a meet-and-greet.
  • Carter Page appears to have lied to the FBI and House, according to Abramson. It seems that he said at first that he just passingly met the Deputy Prime Minister, but then he was presented with evidence that he told the campaign he had a private meeting... He had a PRIVATE meeting with the Russian government, and he TOLD the campaign about it.
  • The campaign was aware of this lie and hid it. Multiple people in the campaign, including Hope Hicks got the email report about Page's meeting.
  • Page also says he discussed "outreach" opportunities between the Trump Campaign and the Russian government. He emailed JD Gordon and others saying that he discussed those opportunities, and the House Intelligence Committee had the emails.
  • It looks like Jeff Sessions lied about another thing...another National Security meeting with George Papadopolous...The White House claimed the group only met once, but that wasn't true. Page says they discussed his Russia trip. Previously the only meeting disclosed was in March 2016.
  • Carter Page also confirms Sessions got the email from George Papadopolous about his Russia contacts. The whole group knew Putin wanted to meet Trump.
  • Page admits he discussed the Rosneft sale (appearing to back up another point in the Steele Dossier)
  • There appears to have been some sort of secret conversation in Athens between George Papadopolous and Page....we don't know what it was, but they were very careful to not discuss the topic in email
  • According to Carter Page, the National Security Committee DID DISCUSS Russia sanctions
  • Multiple Trump team members appear to have gone to Budapest, where Russian secret agents are known to work. Page admits to possibly meeting Russian agents there.
  • There was a email with the ENTIRE Trump National Security Committee discussing dropping Russia sanctions

Abramson also characterizes how crazy Page's testimony seems to be:

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