At 56, Former President Obama Is Now Worth Up To $70 Million

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Happy birthday former President Barack Obama! It was a long 8 years, but you've definitely been taking a much needed rest.

Still, this birthday is likely especially happy for the former President, as he is in for a very big windfall.

According to The Squander, Obama's latest book deals, with are worth a total of around $60 million, and other deals, make him extremely wealthy.

In fact, the site claims that he is now worth around $70 million in total (along with his wife, Michelle).

But that's not all. They also report that he has speaking arrangements and other deals that could make him worth over $200 million within a decade.

The article states that he will make several million from his pension, and if he does as many speeches as former President Clinton, he could easily amass $50 million or more as a speaker.

He and Michelle already have a speaking agency working to book them.

Obama came into the Presidency as one of the less-wealthy candidates, and he was also one of relatively few elected officials in Washington DC who weren't multi-millionaires. He was worth only around $1 million when he was elected.

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