Official Gov't Twitter Promotes Ivanka Apparel Line, Attacks Nordstrom

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This has to be one of the most appalling things that Donald Trump has said on Twitter yet. He is now using the bully pulpit of the presidency to push his daughter's apparel brand.

Ivanka Trump's fashions were dropped from the shelves of Nordstrom last week. Although it's unclear why, many point to poor sales. But that didn't satisfy Donald Trump. Trump said this on Twitter today:

That's right: after repeatedly promising to separate the presidency from his and his family's businesses, Trump has made the unprecedented move to use his role as president to attack a private business because of its disagreement with his daughter.

This is the worst of a long line of statements that the Trump family has made since the election that show that they intend to profit from the presidency.

You may remember that only a week ago, it was revealed that Melania Trump was expecting to profit from being the first lady.

In a lawsuit against a blogger, Melania's lawyers made the assertion that she deserves compensation because the blogger defamed her -- right before she was set for a major opportunity to promote her products.

The opportunity? Becoming the most photographed woman in the world -- as first lady. Because of the blogger's statements, Melania argued, she would make less money from her new "opportunity" and therefore, the blogger should essentially pay her the difference.

Donald Trump has also subtly tried to get people to spend more at his businesses.

For instance, he has talked about his golf courses and the famous Mar-a-Lago club.

He promoted the Mar-a-Lago by calling it the "winter White House," implying that people who paid $200,000 a person to join the club would get special access to Trump during his time there.

Interestingly, according to Ryan Parker, the Nordstrom tweet appears to have been sent out by one of his aides, as Trump generally uses an Android instead of an iPhone.

This leads to questions about whether Trump actually instructed someone else to make the statement.

Today's tweet, however, breaks new boundaries for its obvious intermingling of business and the presidency. We shall soon find out what the media -- and the public -- think about Trump's new angle of attack.

Update: The official US Government funded POTUS Twitter account retweeted Trump's tweet. That is taxpayer money, taxpayer staff, and taxpayer resources being used for Ivanka Trump's business.

Also, according to the official schedule, Trump was in a intelligence briefing and instead of paying attention, he was tweeting this...

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