My Very Dirty Little Secret

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This cartoon is on the June 3, 2019  New Yorker cover issue.

I have only one important question:  Why?   

My Trumper acquaintances (we all have them) don't seem to recognize that there's even a question. 

You can see the cover here

Is it purely political?  Republican vs Democrat?  Didn't we all despise President Cheney as well?

Is it blackmail?  Does Trump have dirt on everyone?  Seems unlikely, but with Trump it is possible.

Is is bribery?  Hard to believe that Lindsey Graham, William Barr and Mitch McConnell are all on the take financially.  Possibly one of them, but all?

Is it Trumps fabulous policies, sparkling economy and Supreme Court nominations?  More likely, but there are too many contraindications like free trade, Russia ties, budget deficits and Trump's grotesque brand of lasciviousness. 

Is it Trumps narcissistic charisma?    I honestly think that's it.  How do I know? 

Here's my dirty little secret: 

During the Republican primaries I found myself secretly pulling for Trump as he took down all the despicable characters (e.g. Cruz) that I could not stand. It was fun, that simple.

I could not take my eyes off the news cycle, just to hear what Trump might say next about the other Republican deplorables.

I was guilty of loving Trump for at least several months. But then I snapped out of it soon after he locked down the nomination.

Now imagine that all these Republicans are watching Trump take on all the Democrats they despise in one street fight after another, from Hillary to Nancy.  They love it on a visceral level, as did I in another context.

There's no moral equivalency here because hatred for Hillary and Nancy is not justified with history or facts, certainly not in Trumpian scale.  But I think that's what's happening here.  I think I get it. 

 It's time for Republicans to snap out of it!  Just like Cher said it.