Why Steve Bannon Is Quietly Celebrating Today's Court Loss

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Today's circuit court decision on Donald Trump's Muslim ban was a major blow to the President's ego. But not everyone in the White House was quite so upset.

While Trump threw a tantrum about the court system on Twitter, his pal Steve Bannon was watching his vision come together. And that vision is much broader than one law.

We learned a lot about the Bannon worldview this week, as this video surfaced of an old interview of his:

In the chilling video, Bannon talks about his apocalyptic dogma.

He welcomes a holy war between the West and Islam -- based on his warped understanding of Christianity and biblical prophecy.

In fact, he believes that the West is "at the beginning stages of a global war against Islamic facism," and it is incumbent upon Christians to protect their heritage and ideals.

At the same time, he envisions a war with China, in an effort to stop its expansion as a superpower.

And he ascribes to a discredited theory regarding the rise and fall of America, which predicts a global war of unprecedented magnitude, which will bring forth a new world order.

But what does this have to do with today's court loss?

Historically, the way an authoritarian ruler like Bannon consolidates power is through some sort of successful attack on the homeland.

After such an attack, the authoritarian claims that he is the only person who can keep people safe.

But in order for such a strategy to work, it is vital that the authoritarian is able to deflect all blame for the attack onto others.

Enter the Muslim ban: Although there's absolutely no evidence that Trump's Muslim ban would help keep anyone safe, today's court loss allows the Trump administration to use the courts as a scapegoat.

If any major attack happens -- regardless of who the attackers are or where they are from -- the waters have been muddied enough that Trump and Bannon can place the blame on the courts.

What happens then? If Trump and Bannon can successfully argue that they would have kept the country safe if it weren't for those pesky courts, they can justify taking power from the courts.

Given that at this point, the Legislative branch is essentially rubber-stamping Trump's orders, the only body that can protect the Constitution is the Judicial branch.

Unfortunately, if Bannon can convince people that the courts are responsible for allowing an attack on the homeland, he can easily convince Congress to help him reduce their influence.

Looking at recent history, there is a reasonably high likelihood of a major terror attack in the U.S. in the next several years. This is especially true as Trump and Bannon intentionally try to provoke the Muslim world, spreading the specter of a holy war to people who are susceptible to radicalization.

As soon as such an attack occurs, Congress will cower as they did after 9/11, and we can only imagine what kind of powers they will bestow upon the Trump administration.

With those powers, Bannon will have all he needs to implement his apocalyptic plans.

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