The Young Turks (TYT)'s Cenk Uygur Gets into Another Feud with the Democratic Establishment

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On tonight's episode of The Young Turks, Cenk Uygur let loose about the onslaught from yet another attacker. But, it turns out that it's not just an attack against Cenk Uygur. Technically, all progressives were being put on the defensive.

Justin Rosario, a writer for the Daily Banter, a smaller blog that tends to complain quite a bit about Bernie Sander, wrote an article called "Cenk Uygur Denies Purity Test for Progressives while Demanding a Purity Test for Progressives." Now, the facts of the case, are that Cenk actually did write an article on how Democrats don't describe exactly what their purity test is. Cenk, speaking on behalf of Justice Democrats, says that his purity test is that you can't take corporate money, which proves that politicians are being honest. However, Rosario puts Cenk on blast for his criticism of Democrats who take donor money as well as comments Cenk had made about Elizabeth Warren.

Now it turns out that Cenk never criticized Elizabeth Warren as being a shill.

In fact, Cenk actually talked about how Elizabeth Warren would likely win against Trump in a landslide election in 4 years. So it looks like Roario was misrepresenting what Cenk has said in the past just to make his own points.

Rosario then went on to say that Cenk should "fuck off" but then talks about how Cenk and his mob of fans and supporters were more than "happy to shoot spitballs from the back of the classroom." Cenk points out that Rosario can't seem to appreciate the irony of this comment, given that Rosario had just told Cenk to "fuck off."

Finally, Rosario depicts Uygur as an extremist and describes himself as a "pragmatic progressive."

Cenk points out that establishment democrats/"pragmatic progressives" such as Rosario have a history of political failure, as in the case of Clinton's loss of the bid of presidency.

Because of Democrats like Rosario who steadfastly cling to candidates like Clinton when they don't actually have a chance at mobilizing liberals, we now have a president like Trump.

Is Cenk Uygur mad? Yep, he sure is.

But it looks like in this case, Cenk has every right to be considering that his opinions were misrepresented just so an author at a small blog could get some publicity.

Oh and the kicker here? Cenk's comment that writers who attack him often reach out to him later on to ask for a job!

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