All About Sally Yates: Jobs, Net Worth, Education, And Political Ties

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Former acting Attorney General Sally Yates is sitting before Congress today to testify regarding President Donald Trump and his team's connections to Russia. Who is Sally Yates? What is her background? What is she worth?

Sally Yates' Employment Background

Sally Yates went to school and law school at University of Georgia. After she completed her studies, Yates spent three years at a law firm as an associate.

Yates then was offered a post as an Assistant US Attorney in Georgia.

As an Assistant US Attorney, Yates prosecuted multiple types of cases -- including corruption and criminal cases. She was best known for prosecuting Eric Rudolph for the Olympics bombing in the 1990s.

Yates continued to climb within the government. She eventually became a full US attorney, and later Deputy Attorney General for Eric Holder.

Sally Yates' Family

Sally Yates is married to a man named Comer Yates, who is also an attorney.

Comer Yates works in the private sector as executive director of a school in Georgia. The school, Atlanta Speech School, focuses on helping kids with speech disabilities.

The Yates' have two children.

Both Sally Yates and her husband have been extremely politically active. They gave several thousand dollars to Barack Obama during his presidential runs.

Comer Yates at one point ran for Congress and lost. Democrats are recruiting Sally Yates to run for office currently.

Sally Yates Net Worth

According to The Squander, Sally Yates made around $150,000 per year working for the government as a Deputy and Acting Attorney General.

Financial disclosures obtained by The Squander report that Sally and Comer Yates have the following investments: $500,000 to $1 million in Coca Cola, $1 to $5 million in Equifax and $1 to $5 million in Fidelity.

The Yates family also has a trust and income from dividends on their investments. Their only current disclosed loan is a mortgage, on which they owe between $250,000 and $500,000.

The Squander estimates that they are worth around $8 million currently.

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