Louise Slaughter's Net Worth Was Very High

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Congresswoman Louise Slaughter died today, after decades in government.  She was a Congresswoman from New York, which she started as in 1987.  Let's take a look at Louise Slaughter net worth.

Louise Slaughter Salary and Earnings

Louise Slaughter has been in government for decades. Although she started in marketing, she quickly moved into political causes, such as the environment and women's issues.

It was in the 1970s that she first entered local government in the state assembly of New York.

After working in the assembly, Louise Slaughter got a job with the mayor of New York, and she continued her work there until she was asked to run for congress.

She ran for congress in New York as a progressive, focusing on women's issues and other progressive causes.

Although she just narrowly won at the beginning, she was easily reelected several times.

Since then, she has fought for the Voilence Against Women act, and promoted causes like breast cancer research. She was a member of the House rules committee.

Over the years in government, Slaughter earned a pension from her local government work.  That was combined with earnings from other sources.

Louise Slaughter Net Worth

Louise Slaughter, according to her disclosures, has several accounts worth up to $100,000.  Most of those are retirement accounts with Fidelity.  However, she also has up to $500,000 in Procter and Gamble stock, as well as several hundred thousand in other stocks.

Her current earnings come from her IRA disbursements, as well as the local pension.  In total, she is earning around $75,000 a year.  In total, Louise Slaughter net worth was between $1 million and $2 million at death.

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