Watch The Young Turks Break Amazing Story Of Arrests for Wearing Hats In Church

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The Young Turks reporters Jordan Chariton and Michael Tracy have uncovered an unbelievable story regarding a town hall meeting that took place in Flint, Michigan.

Before the meeting, which took place in a church, local police in Flint warned attendees that they were required to remove their hats, and they were not allowed to "cuss" because they were in a church.

By the end of the meeting, several people had been arrested for disobeying those rules.

The Young Turks has been following several stories regarding Flint and surrounding areas. as you may remember, these areas were in the news recently because of lead and other contaminants being found in the water.

Those contaminants were so severe that they were harming children across the city. Reporters working for The Young Turks have recently uncovered that the lead problem extends far beyond Flint, into other states, including Indiana.

But what they found as part of that investigation is shocking in its absurdity.

They attended a local town hall which centered around the lead issue.

Before the town hall, a police officer got up and made a statement saying that because the town hall was taking place in a church (the location was selected by the town), nobody was allowed to wear hats, "cuss", or be loud and disruptive.

Of course, that directive was quickly used to justify arrests of attendees. Several attendees were taken into custody for disregarding the hats/cussing/disruption rules.

But it gets worse. According to The Young Turks, the police charged at least one of those people for resisting arrest -- you can watch the videos to see for yourself whether anyone was resisting.

You can watch the videos below:

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