Trump To Read Nationalist, Anti-Immigrant Speech In Auschwitz Concentration Camp Territory

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Donald Trump, according to The Weekly Standard, plans to read a nationalist/nativist speech written by alt-right adviser Stephen Miller when he lands in Poland today.

Miller, who is known for his anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant views, is writing a speech that, according to sources, will promote Poland's "nationalist identity" and take digs at Western Europe and the concept of European collaboration.

Poland in recent years has seen a major resurgence of white supremacist and nationalist movements.

The home of Auschwitz-Birkenau, Poland has had a terrible history when it comes to xenophobia and far-right anger, and it seems like the latest generation of Poles is falling back into that trap.

But this time, they appear to have a friend in the Trump Administration.

Poland's far-right Law and Justice Party has been blaming the country's problems on the EU for many years now.

Even though Polish workers have greatly benefited from being part of Europe (and far more Europeans leave Poland to work in countries like the UK than immigrate into Poland), the party has convinced many uneducated voters that Poland is being hurt by being an EU member.

Much of their argument rests on nativist, anti-Muslim/anti-immigrant rhetoric.

These days, in the streets of Poland, you can see people openly wearing shirts emblazoned with the Iron Cross or other white supremacist hate symbols.

In fact, about a year ago I was at Birkenau (the later extension of the Auschwitz concentration camp), and right outside was a group of white supremacists wearing the Iron Cross and other neo-nazi symbols.

The government has no interest in cracking down on it.

The Law and Justice Party leaders, who are now embracing Trump, have called Muslims "parasites" and are pushing for the birth of more native Polish (read: white) children to combat the growth rate of immigrants in Europe.

We'll have to wait and see how strongly Trump pushes nationalism and nativism in Poland; however, one thing is for sure: this kind of thing doesn't end well...and of all countries, Poland should know that better than most.

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