The Young Turks' Ana Kasparian Trashes Co-Hosts In Post Game

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Today on The Young Turks post game, Ana Kasparian took several shocking swipes at Michael Tracy and Michael A. Wood, Jr., fellow TYT hosts.

Over the weekend, Michael Tracy tried to interview Rep. Maxine Waters, and at one point in the interview, Waters sort of gave Tracy a talk-to-the-hand. You can watch the incident in the video below:

After the incident, Tracy claimed that Waters shoved him, and started a Twitter upheaval. The video went viral, with a lot of people attacking Tracy and The Young Turks, including Waters, who appeared on TV Sunday.

Over the weekend, many The Young Turks reporters tweeted their disapproval with the incident, but Kasparian today made the strongest remarks, saying this:

What happened over the weekend? Really f----ing embarrassing....

[The following may be referring to Wood as well] It's just disheartening because it feels like I did sacrifice a very -- many lucrative offers out of principal right and to see unprincipled dishonest behavior. It is breaks me....

I think that is you have certain people within any given media organization who do their job irresponsibly. They unfortunately end up dragging the entire company through the mud and they become representative of the company as a whole. I think that's unfair but I think that's the reality and that's what worries me the most, because it doesn't matter how hard some of us were to maintain credibility. It doesn't matter what our intentions are, or how well we want to do our jobs. All it takes is a few people aren't responsible with their commentary, their analysis with your coverage, whatever, to bring down the credibility of your media organization.

Ana Kasparian also appears to have taken some shots at another The Young Turks co-host. Over the last 24, hours, Michael A. Wood, a veteran who has appeared on TYT numerous times, got into a Twitter war with Kasparian.

The war is over this tweet:

In response, Kasparian wrote on Twitter "Not what I argued AT ALL. WTF are you talking about? I argued that the enhanced surveillance/data collection clearly isn't working." She then continued, "I know you're angling for an invite on TYT, which is why you're intentionally misrepresenting my commentary. Nice try." And then she said this, "Do you understand how defamatory it is to misrepresent me and claim I'm promoting violence when that's the last thing I would call for?"

During this evening's The Young Turks post game, Kasparian took some serious swipes that appear to be aimed at him:

Some of us have been here for really long time and we were never taken seriously and we worked really really hard to build credibility and then you have people who intentionally go out there and misrepresent your viewpoints just so they can drum up some sort of trauma and get a little bit of attention...

There is an incentive to focus your attention on taking someone down as opposed to being an honest actor, right? And take-down videos are fine if they come from a genuine place and someone really gets under your skin and you wanna prove them wrong. That's otally okay, everyone does that. That's fine, but when it becomes your schtick when you know a strategy that you utilize just so you can increase your numbers and create like a name for yourself -- I feel like that's sad because it's not about informing people, it's about you and your career and how you can move up the ranks and that's it.


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