Shocker: Trump Memo Considers Way To Kick Out LEGAL Immigrants

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It looks like Trump supporters can no longer claim their hatred of immigrants isn't about race. Throughout the campaign, they insisted that they support immigration -- just not illegal immigration. That may be about to change.

The Washington Post has published a draft executive order that will allow the DHS to define whether someone is deportable based on an old law.

The law, intended to keep immigrants off welfare, allowed Feds to identify people who are likely to use social assistance and keep them from entering the country.

Now, Trump is using this law to essentially assign a body that will decide any legal immigrant's "likelihood of requiring public assistance." They may then be able to deport the immigrant based on this nebulous measure.

The DHS and the State Department will be responsible for coming up with the specific regulations (didn't Trump want to get rid of regulations?).

These two organizations -- both under Trump's (Bannon's) control -- will be able to come up with rules that allow them to identify people who may at some point need public assistance, and then revoke their visas.

What exactly are the restrictions on this power? What will keep Bannon from stacking these departments with people who are bent on deporting all immigrants? Could this order extend to things like emergency medical assistance, school lunches, or discounted internet? The order doesn't answer.

It's worth noting that even without this order, immigrants are almost never eligible to receive public assistance. Therefore, this order will not significantly reduce the number of people on public assistance in the U.S.

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