After Saying DACA Kids Are 'Criminals' And Need Deportation, Kobach Appears To Commit Crime Himself

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Kansas Secretary of State Chris Kobach spent the day yesterday making the rounds on TV suggesting that many (if not most) DACA recipients are criminals.

Even through the vast majority (like > 99%) haven't been convicted of any crime, he insisted that they're still criminals because some of them (he didn't have any numbers) may have been arrested and not prosecuted.

But it looks like Kobach, and by extension Mike Pence, may now be in hot water for their own potential crimes.

The voting commission that President Trump put together in order to try to prove his ridiculous claim about illegal votes appears to have been illegally using their personal emails to communicate and avoid records law.

This is essentially what Hillary Clinton was accused of, which led to the 'lock her up' chants.

In the legal proceedings regarding a lawsuit filed by the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, lawyers discovered that the members of the commission were "using personal email accounts, rather than federal government systems to conduct Commission work (in violation of federal law)." They also have not made any plans to archive the communications, in direct violation of the Presidential Records Act.

Additionally, the filings in the suit show that Kobach's commission is making every effort to avoid any disclosures of what they are doing. For instance, the claim to have "no idea what volume of documents exist."

The Trump administration appears to have violated the Presidential Records Act on multiple occasions; however, given Kobach's statements yesterday regarding the "rule of law" and casting many DACA recipients as criminals, this particular violation is notable.

Mike Pence is also implicated because he is technically in charge of the Kobach commission.

The Presidential Records Act was amended in 2014 to ensure committees like Kobach's use government email, which can be archived and referenced.

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