Watergate Journalist Carl Bernstein Is Now Comparing Trump to Nixon

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Carl Bernstein is unarguably one of the most admired journalists in history.

Because of his work with Bob Woodward in the 1970s, the Watergate scandal was blown wide open, and former President Nixon was impeached. So it's clear that Bernstein has a pretty good understanding of corruption.

Lately, however, Bernstein has been speaking out about Donald Trump. What does he have to say? Well, Bernstein has started to draw comparisons between Nixon and Trump, with shocking, extremely consequential charges.

Bernstein started speaking about Trump during the 2016 campaign. After Trump won, however, he ratcheted up his criticism.

Before Trump took office, Bernstein said this on Twitter: "no president, including Nixon, so ignorant of facts and disdains fact in way [Donald Trump] does. PEOTUS create/thrives in truth free zone."

After that, however, Bernstein remained silent until Trump had been in office for a few weeks. He then started discussing Trump again. Early in February, he called out Kellyanne Conway multiple times for her inconsistent statements as Trump's "propaganda minister."

But now, Bernstein is upping the ante. Today, he made multiple statements on Twitter about Trump's attacks on the media.

In the first of those statements, Bernstein said: "the most dangerous 'enemy of the people' is presidential lying - always. Attacks on press by [Donald Trump] more treacherous than Nixon's." That was in response to this tweet by Donald Trump:

Bernstein later wrote "real news (not fake) is that [Donald Trump] trying to make conduct of press the issue instead of egregious (and unhinged) conduct of POTUS.

For Bernstein to make statements like this is unprecedented. In Bernstein's over 50 year career, he has consistently been known for his trustworthy and honest reporting. He has also won countless journalism awards.

There has yet to be a response to Bernstein from anybody in the White House. However, Trump did tweet this morning:

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