The Young Turks' (TYT) Ana Kasparian Grills Obama Crony David Axelrod with Tough Questions

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Tonight on The Young Turks' new show 'The Young Turks on Fusion', Obama crony and chief campaign strategist, David Axelrod, appeared to discuss Obama with host Ana Kasparian, and it was quite a grilling.

The conversation revolved around whether President Obama was progressive enough.

The Young Turks' Ana Kasparian: "Seems like he signed up for corruption"

Ana Kasparian started by asking this of Axelrod: "What exactly did President Obama mean when he campaigned on hope and change, because I feel like there hasn't been a lot of change in our political system." Axelrod responded honestly: "That was the biggest disappointment," but then he went on with a long-winded answer about hope and change.

Kasparian then brought up Wikileaks, asking about an email from the head of Citigroup to President Obama in October 2008 giving Obama recommendations for his cabinet.

Many of those recommendations actually became part of the cabinet.

She ended the question with this: "what happened there? You see someone for campaigning for hope and change...and then before he even gets elected it seems like he signed up for corruption."

David Axelrod answered the question by using the trite argument that they had to hire bankers to fix the banking problems -- because "the economic crisis."

The conversation turned to Bernie Sanders, about whom Axelrod had mixed thoughts; he did admit that it was Democrats who kept the Public Option for Obamacare from moving forward.

However, Axelrod then made a tired, derogatory comment about how Sanders can't get anything done.

Ana Kasparian Challenges David Axelrod on Same Sex Marriage and Foreign Policy

In the next segment, Axelrod went on to talk about Obama's support for same-sex marriage and other progressive social causes.

However, Ana Kasparian was not satisfied with the response.

She asked: "I'm going to challenge a lot of what you just said...President Obama was not in favor of same sex marriage until polls indicated that it wouldn't destroy his popularity, and after Biden outed him." Axelrod argued that "progressivism doesn't mean you articulate things." He continued by arguing for incrementalism.

At the end of the program, Kasparian asked about foreign policy.

Axelrod again argued for incrementalism, especially in the face of Republican opposition. Another Fusion host grilled Axelrod on drone strikes, calling them "deplorable." Unfortunately, Axelrod turned the question into a false dichotomy between troops on the ground and drone strikes.

In several situations, Ana Kasparian has shown a willingness to stand up to powerful people with important questions, and once again, her work is inspiring.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore

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