Clintonites: Stop Blaming Russia and Admit You Picked a Horrible Candidate

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With yesterday's leak of an apparent CIA report stating that Russians were somehow involved in influencing the outcome of the U.S. elections, Clinton Democrats were out in full force, once again trying to divert blame from their candidate and spinning the election as "hacked."

It seems Clinton supporters will say anything to shift the blame off their beloved candidate.

They will bring up James Comey, Russia, Wikileaks, the electoral college, etc., but in the end, there's only one person to blame for a horrible candidate -- and that's the horrible candidate.

Who else could lose to the most unpopular presidential candidate in modern history?

Pro-Clinton outlets want to blame everyone else for Clinton's loss.

Bernie supporters (who somehow are to blame months after Bernie started supporting Clinton), Wikileaks, and now Russia.

But the reality is that there's no evidence (and it's extremely unlikely) that Russia did anything more than hacking and releasing real communications from Democratic Party insiders.

Imagine a similar situation in another realm: a student cheats on an exam, but another student sees him and tells the teacher.

Are we to believe that the cheater isn't responsible for failing the exam -- and the other student is to blame for uncovering what the cheater was doing?

In the last 24 hours, all of the Democratic establishment has been out in full force suggesting that Clinton would have won if not for Russia and Comey. Here's what Nate Silver had to say:

Clinton's "strategy looks great"??? Yes, because obviously a person running against the most unpopular candidate in history should only have been within 2 points of him statistically.

In reality, Clinton should have been ahead by 10 if she were any reasonable candidate -- but she wasn't.

It's hard to imagine a national politician with more skeletons in his/her closet than Clinton. Yet unfortunately, the Democratic Party establishment had to do everything possible to push Clinton upon us.

So now, we're in a situation where Democrats want to believe their weak establishment candidates are not the problem, and they'll do anything necessary to convince people (as well as themselves) of that.

But think about this: If Bernie Sanders were the Democratic candidate, the Comey incident wouldn't have had such an impact, because it wouldn't have fed into a narrative.

If Joe Biden were the Democratic candidate, paid speeches wouldn't have had such an impact, because he doesn't have a history of telling people what they want to hear, only to do the work of donors.

Nevertheless, we now find ourselves trying to reconcile the truth with the propaganda, and the propaganda is winning.

The establishment wants us to believe that Clinton isn't to blame for the material contained in the Podesta emails since the emails weren't obtained legally.

But that's not how it works -- if information is factual (which the Clinton team never denied), it is factual. Regardless of how it was obtained, it sheds light on information we deserve to know about our potential future president.

The establishment also wants us to believe that Clinton isn't to blame for the Comey incident, but if Clinton didn't try to hide her emails in an underhanded (if not technically illegal) way, Comey would never have had a chance to investigate her.

The fact is, only in government do we allow such a ridiculous situation. Just look at Chelsea Manning.

She's not in jail for leaking information -- top officials do that all the time when it benefits them -- she's in jail because she embarrassed the government.

For government, we automatically believe that the person who releases embarrassing information is at fault, instead of the person who was actually responsible for the situation.

It's time for Democrats to admit the truth: you didn't lose because of the Russians; you didn't lose because of Comey; you didn't lose because of Wikileaks; and you sure as hell didn't lose because of Bernie.

You lost because you pushed a horrible candidate on us, and it looks like you have no intention to change. Prepare for many years of losses.

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