Trump Close Pal Roger Stone Tells Woman to 'Eat S--t', Calls Her 'Ugly B--'

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From the 'these are the people Donald Trump associates with' file, we have this from the last 24 hours.

Roger Stone, a close pal to Donald Trump, and one of his former surrogates, said this in response to Trump's allegations that all his problems are Obama's fault:

The buck stops here. Obama responsible for illegal surveillance of [Trump] - must be charged, convicted and jailed.

A pretty crazy statement to make with no proof, but what was really shocking was his reply to a woman who questioned his statement and said it was libel:

bring it! Would enjoy crush u in court and forcing you to eat shit-you stupid ignorant ugly bitch!

You can see what he said in a tweet aptured by JK Rowling:

Yes, this was one of the closest advisors to the president, according to his own statements.

Since that time, Stone has called another woman, Ana Navarro "fat, stupid and f---ing Al Cardenas'. He also told a Daily Beast reporter to "go fuck yourself, you talentless asswipe".

This language would be unbelievable for anyone related to a politician, but for Stone, it's sort of business as usual. This is the same guy who attacked a live broadcast of The Young Turks, and who told a reporter to kill herself during the campaign.

He also called a black reporter a 'stupid negro'. And here are a few more (the first one about Mrs. Obama)

Just How Close is Roger Stone to Donald Trump

In his own words, we can see how close Roger Stone is to Donald Trump.

In a hidden camera interview, he said that he met Trump through Trump's lawyer. He says he got connected with Fred Trump and Donald in 1979, when Donald was Young and stone was in his 20s.

Stone also says he's responsible for Donald Trump running for President. He said he started telling Trump to run in the 80s.

More shockingly, he claims to be the one to have convinced Trump to hire Paul Manafort, and to fire Corey Lewandowski. In fact, Ted Cruz has said this about Stone:

He is pulling the strings on Donald Trump. He planned the Trump campaign, and he is Trump's henchman and dirty trickster. And this pattern, Donald keeps associating himself with people who encourage violence

These are the people Donald Trump associates with.

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