The Young Turks (TYT) Reaches $1m Goal To Fight Trump

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Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks announced this morning that he has achieved his $1 million goal to hire reporters to investigate Donald Trump's alleged wrongdoings.

The Young Turks started its fundraising drive with an initial goal of $500,000. They quickly reached that goal and raised their target to $1 million. Their ultimate target was $2 million before inauguration but it's very unlikely that goal will be met.

After making the $500,000 target, Cenk Uygur announced that he would be hiring a crew including former Bernie Sanders surrogate Nomiki Konst.

Uygur also announced that he would be hiring noted columnist Shaun King to be a contributor on The Young Turks.

Uygur had not yet announced who his new hire would be. It is expected that he will make the announcement later today during his marathon inauguration coverage.

The inauguration coverage today is set to include live reporters from Washington, D.C. as well as commentary by many of the regular The Young Turks hosts, such as Uygur, John Idarolla, and others. The coverage is set to start at 9am Eastern time (6am Pacific) and continue for around 8 hours.

Ever since Donald Trump won the 2016 election, The Young Turks has promised to do full investigations of his and his cabinet's questionable dealings.

They also plan to do additional investigative work on issues that the mainstream media is not covering, such as the issue of drinking water in Detroit and other places.

To date, The Young Turks' first investigative reporter, Jordan Chariton, had broken several stories. These include attacks on native Americans at the Dakota pipeline protest site, drinking water problems in several areas, and multiple Wikileaks related stories.

To date, the total pledged is $1.014 million.

Who will be the next hire? What issues are they planning to report on? We expect to find out later today.

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