Julian Castro Pledges to Visit Every State During Primaries

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Julian Castro, the former head of HUD under President Obama, moved through Tennessee, beginning to fulfill his promise to visit every state during the primaries. 

Castro is a self-touted underdog candidate who said, "I wasn't born a front-runner" focuses his message on moving the country forward with a more decent and open governance. 

His policy focuses are education, health care and criminal justice reform, but he's not above taking the occasional jab at President Trump.  "I don't want to make this country anything again...I want to take us into the future."

Castro is a Stanford University and Harvard Law School graduate and was elected major of San Antonio at the age of 34, which is impressive.

His name came up as a possible running mate for Hillary Clinton in 2016. His mother was a political activist and his identical twin brother is a member of Congress.

You can follow Julian Castro on Twitter here.