Wikileaks Proves Julian Assange Is Alive, Contradicts Alex Jones, Drudge

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Today, Alex Jones and his Infowars site put out an "emergency" message. The title: Emergency: Julian Assange Missing, Possiibly Dead.

In the video, Alex Jones claims that Assange "has disappeared for over a month; that is now confirmed." He claims that Assange asked Wikileaks followers to come up with a dead-man's switch in case something happened.

He then makes this assertion:

Paul Watson got contacted on Monday by Wikileaks. He had not spoken about it to the public. I brought up Wikileaks to him and he said 'well I've been contacted -- Infowars has been contacted [by Wikileaks]...nothing for five days, we finally talked about it yesterday on the radio. The listeners -- and credit goes to you -- began to really hammer me, and say look at this -- look, he gave an interview the day before the election...he's not been seen since late October. I went ahead and spent hours and hours and hours with Buckley, one of our top we see evidence of [Wikileaks] being infiltrated.

He later goes on to say: "the establishment...they don't want you to know [Assange] is dead...then yesterday this comes out: 'Wikileaks urges people to stop requesting Assange proof of life.'"

To Jones, this appears to imply that Wikileaks has been infiltrated by "the establishment." Essentially, Jones believes that Wikileaks' about-face on Julian Assange's proof-of-life request means that the organization was infiltrated.

However, Wikileaks didn't do an about-face on proof-of-life.

Before the election, Wikileaks was concerned about Assange's life; however, the dead man's switch that Jones referred to was never set off (you can see our reporting on that below), and now that the election is over, there really isn't anything the "establishment" can do about Assange.

Wikileaks' recent calls to stop requesting proof-of-life for Assange are due to a much more practical matter: Assange has not had access to Internet in the Ecuadorian Embassy, and if he were to do a proof-of-life video without actual live questions (via the Internet), that would just lead to more questions.

It would also set a bad precedent.

More importantly, however: Assange was just interviewed today on Facebook Live. The interview, conducted by Lebanon-based TV anchor Youmna Naufal, was arranged by the May Chidiac Foundation for their "Free Connected Minds" conference.

You can listen to the audio of the interview below.

Thank you for tuning in to watch Julian Assange on FB live, even though it was a last minute announcement. We conveyed...

Posted by May Chidiac Foundation - Media Institute on Saturday, November 26, 2016

It's unclear if this will satisfy Alex Jones, but this is pretty solid evidence that Wikileaks, and Assange are alive and well.

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