Cenk Uygur Interviews Joe Manchin on The Young Turks: Check Out His Shocking Responses

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This morning, Cenk Uygur interviewed Joe Manchin for the TYT Interviews segment of The Young Turks.

And it was quite an interview, with Uygur crushing Manchin on his votes and donors. In the interview, Manchin made some absurd statements, including insisting that he has no idea who his donors are.

Uygur began the interview by saying that Manchin was the most conservative Democrat in the Senate, and said he votes with Trump more than 50% of the time. Manchin went back to his story of growing up.

Uygur followed up with a question about immigration, and why Manchin doesn't fight for it -- considering his family immigration story. But Manchin continued his story.

Here are some of the most amazing parts of the interview:

Cenk Uygur/Joe Manchin on the DREAM act

he says he was generally for it (he skipped the vote), but he added some caveats regarding military and education.

Uygur pressed him on the question -- "as it was constituted...would you have voted for it?" Manchin says he wouldn't have voted for it.

Cenk Uygur/Joe Manchin on whether Manchin is a progressive?

He says is a Democrat, but he was unclear about whether he calls himself a progressive. Uygur pressed him, and he wouldn't answer.

Cenk Uygur/Joe Manchin on donors

Uygur asked Manchin about his vote to repeal the stream protection rule. Uygur explained that he got funding from companies who would benefit from that vote.

Manchin insisted that he NEVER votes based on funding, and he doesn't really know who gives him money. He said he had a problem with the stream rule because it didn't define a stream.

Uygur pressed on, reading an email from someone who was concerned about Manchin's vote. Manchin insisted that the streams are cleaned up "quite a bit".

Manchin insisted he DOES NOT know who his top voters are. Uygur appeared incredulous. Uygur asked "when the donations come in your staff doesn't tell you about it?" Manchin responded "I never asked".

Uygur also asked about PACs. Manchin said he has no understanding or knowledge about PACs working for him.

Cenk Uygur/Joe Manchin on money in politics

Uygur then asked about getting money of out of politics: Manchin said Citizens United is destroying our country. He says he'd be in favor of an amendment for getting money out of politics.

Uygur asked whether he will just take small donor money, but Manchin didn't really respond.

Cenk Uygur/Joe Manchin on healthcare

Medicare for all: Manchin said it 'should be debated'. But immediately afterward, he used Republican talking points to attack it.

Cenk Uygur/Joe Manchin on funding Saudi arms deals

Manchin says he asked all the right questions, and it's better to give the Saudis weapons because we can train them to do the right thing. A confusing response, given that it could apply to any other country.

Watch here:

Random aside: Manchin couldn't get Cenk's name right throughout the interview, calling him "Cenks." We will be posting the link to the entire interview when it becomes available.

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