Shock: Donald Trump Had Second, Concealed Meeting With Putin At G20

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Buried way below today's healthcare news is this shocker: according to Bloomberg and Ian Bremmer of the Eurasia Group, Donald Trump had a second, unpublicized meeting that lasted an hour or more with Vladimir Putin at the G20.

According to Bremmer, who spoke on the Charlie Rose show in PBS, in addition to Trump's well publicized sitdown with Putin, there was a second meeting, which appears to have been classified as a "pull-aside" at the G20 in Hamburg Germany.

The meeting occurred on the evening of the main meeting, and it NO STAFF attended that second meeting. That means there will never be any record of what happened.

Trump received a lot of criticism for the main meeting because he refused to allow anyone besides himself, Rex Tillerson, and a translator in. There is no transcript, and even the tiny readout written by Rex Tillerson is in debate.

But this newly uncovered meeting goes far beyond that, in terms of secrecy.

Bremmer noted that we will likely find out what happened in that discussion from the Muller investigation; however, he doesn't believe that Trump and Putin directly colluded (in a quid-pro-quo situation).

But he says that plenty of Trump people were compromised by Russia, and that's clearly a red flag.

You can watch the discussion of the second meeting (on certain devices) here:

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