The Young Turks (TYT) Cenk Uygur Speaks Out On Jordan Chariton, Blames TATM For Firing

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This evening, Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks made a statement about the firing of reporter Jordan Chariton.

Chariton had been accused of sexual assault, and he reportedly told Uygur and TYT about the issue. However, there was supposed to be an investigation.

Chariton claims no investigation took place; and if one had taken place, he would have been found innocent.

However, tonight after his show, Cenk Uygur came out and made a statement to the contrary.

In the statement, he said that Chariton committed several fireable offenses; however the main issue was that he was misrepresenting his organization Truth Against The Machine. According to Uygur, TATM was supposed to be a side project with volunteers.

He says he did not know that the organization was holding summits and paying people.

Uygur said that he did complete an investigation and even if no actual sexual assault occurred, Chariton needed to be fired.

He said that Chariton lawyered up and would not accept a resignation offer. He also said that since the incident, Chariton has been making threats against TYT.

While Chariton insists that he fully disclosed what TATM was doing, Uygur disputed that characterization and insisted that the way in which Chariton behaved showed inappropriate behavior for a manager.

Uygur claimed that when he realized the magnitude of TATM, and the fact that they may have been using TYT resources, Chariton had to be fired.

He also noted that Chariton brought TYT employees into his room, and put them in inappropriate situations. Both of these, he said, were firing offenses.

There was no word on what would happen to the other TYT employees involved in the incident.

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