Who is the Orlando shooter? Is it terrorism?

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Today, there was a multiple fatality incident in Orlando, on Forsyth road in a business park.

The park contains a glass company, and it appears that the attacker came to that location (it's not known whether he was inside or outside) .

There are currently hundreds of police and others on the scene, and the situation is contained.

According to multiple reports, the shooter has been "contained" although it's not known at this time whether that means the person has been killed or was arrested.

The sheriffs' office says the statement was a "tragic incident," but they provided no more information.

Orlando News 6 is reporting that this was "definitely not" ISIS terrorism. They are also saying that it was "absolutely not" related to London or any other international terror incident.

Multiple sources are saying that this is a disgruntled employee, although it's not clear if the employee worked at Gerber Glass (the location of the incident). They are also reporting that the shooter is dead.

The other information available: This was a multiple fatality incident, several people have been shot.

There is additional intelligence from Orlando News 6: There will be 24 hour watch in Orlando starting June 10th, around the time of the anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shooting. But this incident is not at all related.

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