WTF? Trump Admin Iran Call Includes Lesbian Doll Prank

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Donald Trump has had some embarrassing moments on the phone.

You probably remember his call with the Australians, and you may even remember that OMB Director Nick Mulvaney couldn't work the phone when he had a conference, leading to a blasting Yankee Doodle tune playing over the discussion.

But this takes the cake:

According to a CBS News reporter named Jackie Alemany, during a highly significant briefing on Iran, and the Iranian nuclear deal, which is up in the air, a person on the call blurted out "my inflatable doll is a lesbian."

Yes, that actually happened.

And although it's unclear if the person was supposed to be able to listen in on the phone call, he/she clearly wasn't supposed to be allowed to talk, nevermind blurt out jokes about an inflatable lesbian doll.

No doubt Jared's gonna get an angry phone call, given that one of his many responsibilities is to revamp technology in the U.S.

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