Boris Epshteyn, Katrina Pierson, Cliff Sims: Who Will Anchor Trump TV?

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Donald Trump's Facebook Live online news show debuted this week, and there have been lots of rumors about whether it is a forerunner to the much rumored Trump TV channel that is said to be in the works.

Trump's Facebook Live show has a set of hosts and contributors broadcasting from Trump Tower in New York, including Boris Epshteyn, Cliff Sims, and Tomi Lahren...but who will be the founding hosts for the real Trump TV (if it happens)?

Although there's no guarantee Trump TV will materialize, the fact that Roger Ailes, former head of Fox News, is unemployed, and Trump has such a captive audience, it's a pretty good bet that it will.

So we've run down the Trump surrogates who (we think) are most likely to be hosts or have shows on the network. Here they are:

Trump TV Primetime Anchor: Boris Epshteyn?

Boris Epshteyn has been hosting the Facebook Live Trump show along with Cliff Sims and Tomi Lahren.

He exudes the trademark Trump style, from his brash, aggressive nature to his quick temper.

Epshteyn is young -- in his early thirties -- but he's made a name for himself within the Trump organization, at least partially because of his college friendship with Trump's son Eric.

Boris Epshteyn has been a member of the Republican party for a while, but he was a very minor player until he got his big break with Trump.

He's since been all over TV, ranting against media bias, and arguing with hosts during over 100 appearances, according to The New York Times.

Like other Trump surrogates, he has had some legal issues in his past, but his loyalty to Trump will do him well in the future.

Trump TV Daytime Anchor: Tomi Lahren?

Tomi Lahren first made a name for herself on One America News (yes, that's a thing), but she has since gone to Glenn Beck's online channel The Blaze, where she is known for her "Final Throught".

Lahren has been anchoring TV shows for a while, so being an anchor for Trump TV will be an easy move -- as well as a nice upgrade from online streaming -- for her.

Trump TV Sunday Morning Anchor: Kellyanne Conway?

Kellyanne Conway, Trump's current campaign manager, has more experience in politics than almost every other Trump surrogate.

This would make her a likely pick for a Sunday morning talk show a la Fox News Sunday.

Unlike some other Trump team members, Conway is respected in Republican establishment circles, so she is the most likely to be able to get the interviews and purely political discussions expected on Sunday morning shows.

Conway has been seen on Trump's Facebook Live show, but she isn't one of the main hosts.

Trump TV Primetime Commentary Shows: Katrina Pierson, Cliff Sims, Jeffrey Lord?

Katrina Pierson and Jeffrey Lord have made multiple appearances on TV for Trump. Cliff Sims, meanwhile, became a Trump advisor and hasn't been very prominent until he became a host of Trump's Facebook Live show.

Pierson and Lord have both spent countless hours on CNN and other channels arguing with the hosts. Lord is a longtime Republican advisor, having served in the Reagan administration.

He is likely to talk politics and political strategy if he joins a Trump TV channel. Pierson, meanwhile, may be best suited for a commentary show like that of Bill O'Reilly or Sean Hannity.

Photo credit: Twitter/Kellyanne Conway

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