Who is David McComick? All About Trump's Rumored Defense Pick

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Several credible reporters are saying that a man named David McCormick is the front runner for Deputy Defense Secretary. Who is this man? Why might Trump choose him as leadership for our armed forces?

Who is David McCormick?

According to Jennifer Jacobs of Bloomberg, three sources close to Trump have said that David McCormick is likely to be Deputy Defense Secretary.

McCormick is a businessman who currently runs a Connecticut based hedge fund called Bridgewater Associates. He has served in past administrations, but he has never held a leadership position relating to the military.

Like many of Trump's picks, McCormick's experience is mostly in the private sector.

According to his biography, in the past, he has held jobs at McKinsey and Company and was CEO of a software company. He has also taught at Carnegie Mellon University.

McCormick is a typical revolving door guy: he has jumped between the private sector and government roles such as Undersecretary of Treasury, Deputy National Security Advisor, and Undersecretary of Commerce (all during the George W. Bush administration). He is also a member of the Aspen Institute.

What are his qualifications for the Defense Department? McCormick's military experience goes back decades. He graduated from West Point, according to the Aspen Institute, and served in the first Iraq war.

He also did his Ph.D. thesis on international affairs.

Why would Trump Pick McCormick for Defense?

McCormick is a large Republican donor, having given several hundred thousand dollars directly to Republicans, according to the FEC. It is unclear whether he has given to any Trump-related SuperPACs.

McCormick was previously a Jeb Bush supporter and raised a large amount of money for him.

In the past, he gave to the campaigns of Tim Burns, Ron Johnson, and Michael Pompeo.

He also appears to have given to Roy Blunt, Tim Murphy, the Volunteer PAC, Ryan Zinke, Elise Stefanik, Mike Gallagher, Mitch McConnell, and Lindsey Graham.

If chosen, McCormick would report directly to Gen. James Mattis.

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