Ted Cruz: Sessions/Russia a 'Nothing Burger', Later Admits 'No Idea' What Happened (Watch)

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Ted Cruz was in fine form this morning on MSNBC's Morning Joe, where he was asked some tough questions about Jeff Sessions and Russia.

Of course, being Ted Cruz, he was totally devoid of any sort of honesty or reality -- and instead toed the party line, even after other Republicans started to jump ship.

When asked about Jeff Sessions' meeting with the Russian ambassador, he claimed the issue was a "nothing burger." (By the way, who the F says that?) Cruz insisted that the meetings between the Russians and Sessions were purely about Senate business, and they had nothing to do with the Trump campaign.

However, when Willie Geist asked if Cruz knew what Sessions discussed with the Russians, he admitted that he had no idea.

Geist: You said repeatedly now that the meeting that Sessions had [with the Russian ambassador is a quote 'nothing burger'...do you have information Senator about what they talked about in that meeting? How do you know it's a 'nothing burger'?


Cruz:I have no idea what was talked about in that meeting or any other meeting...

Geist asked if Cruz had met with the Russian ambassador -- he had not, although he claims he has met with many other ambassadors.

However, it has been reported that no other member of Sessions' committee has met with the Russian ambassador recently.

You can watch the video below:

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