Watch Reporter Brian Karem Go Off On Sarah Huckabee Sanders After She Attacks Media

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Today's White House press briefing was even more combative than normal. Most of the briefing, spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders called on right-wing news outlets who asked leading questions in order to get her to attack CNN.

The first person Sanders called on to speak was a Breitbart reporter who promoted a Breitbart expose that caused CNN to retract one of its Trump-Russia stories.

In response to that report, Sanders went on a long monologue attacking CNN and the news media in general.

But after the monologue, one reporter was tired of Sanders' attacks, and decided to speak up.

The reporter, Brian Karem noted that Sanders was instigating attacks on the media in general, and that even though she is paid with taxpayer dollars, she is attacking the free press.

Karem said: "What you just did is inflammatory to people all over the country who look at it and say see the President is right, and everyone in the media is fake news."

After Karem spoke, Sanders attacked him, and then went on to call on a Fox reporter, a right-wing website reporter, and a few others before ending the briefing.

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