Wikileaks Julian Assange Resurfaces on Twitter - Could #Vault7 be Imminent?

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After years of speaking indirectly to the public using the WikiLeaks Twitter account, Julian Assange has decided to activate his own account. Could this mean new announcement is coming?

Today, WikiLeaks announced that Assange was going to be tweeting from his own account going forward.

The statement from WikiLeaks did not explain why, or if there was any specific rationale behind the decision. However, the WikiLeaks organization has been teasing a major project called #Vault7 recently.

What was Assange's first tweet? It was about rumors of his death.

Assange noted that rumors of his death have been "greatly exaggerated (in a curious plot)." He attached a screenshot of a Google search for his name and a Twitter search about whether he was compromised or dead.

Interestingly, in his Twitter profile, Assange describes himself as a refugee.

As we have written, there are many under there have been many rumors about Assange's death.

Many have suggested that the death was a plot of the US government, or pro-Clinton forces. However, those reports have proven to be untrue time and again.

Still, it is unlikely that Assange's tweet will do anything to quell the conspiracy theorists, who argue that there is no evidence that Assange is actually speaking for himself.

Some have requested additional proof of life from Assange, something that he has not provided.

Since the presidential election, Assange has rarely been seen or heard from.

Although WikiLeaks has consistently tweeted and commented on different news events, there have been few statements that appear to be from Assange himself.

This has become even more noticeable in the last few days, as WikiLeaks has been hyping up what appears to be a major release called Vault 7.

Why has Julian Assange resurfaced now? Is he about to break some major news regarding #Vault7 project? If that is the case, we would expect an announcement relatively soon.

However, it is just as likely that Assange has been missing his time in the spotlight, and this is a way to get back in the news again.

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