Who Is James Alex Fields Jr, The Owner Of The Car Used To Run Over Anti-Nazi Protestors

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It was announced today that James Alex Fields Jr was the man who owns the car that was used to run over anti-Nazi protestors in Virginia today, according to The Washington Post.

Who is James Alex Fields Jr?

James Alex Fields Jr appears to have been arrested, and is now according to multiple reports the prime suspect for driving through a crowd in Charlottesville.

He's in his 20s, and he is from Maumee Ohio. He was on active duty in the military for part of 2015.

It's not clear why he left or was discharged. He was born in 1997. He appears to have surrendered to police, according to reports.

There are some conflicting reports about the car's ownership, as some had previously tracked it down to another person, a musician. However, it appears he sold the car to Fields. He is a registered Republican:

Here is a picture of the car after the crash:

James Alex Fields Jr Facebook and Twitter

So far, no Facebook or Twitter pages have been identified for James Alex Fields, Jr. We are continuing to watch for any updates regarding his social media presence.