Trump's 'Horns': The Truth About Time's 'Person of the Year' Cover

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There's a lot of talk online about the Donald Trump Time magazine 'Person of the Year' cover.

We wrote about it yesterday, in reference to why Julian Assange was missing from the shortlist. However, today there's another controversy about it: that Time put horns on Trump's head for its cover.

People all over Twitter are posting pictures and comments about the cover. For example, actress Alyssa Milano posted this:

Another tweeter wrote this:

It certainly looks like Trump was given horns for this cover...but was he?

Donald Trump 'Person of the Year' Horns?

Although people everywhere on Twitter and other social media outlets are arguing that this was a (posssibly intentional) act on either Time's or its designers' part, that is not the case.

In fact, there was a similar controversy in March 2015, where people were claiming that Time put horns on Hillary Clinton. At the time, they wrote this:

There was some hubbub online Thursday over TIME's latest cover, which appeared to show Hillary Clinton sporting a set of horns. (This sort of thinghas happened before.) Given the shape of the letter "m" in the magazine's name and its location on the cover, many other subjects in the past have also appeared to sprout extra features (in fact this happened to Hillary Clinton at least once before. Same goes for Bill Clinton. George W. Bush too). Check out everyone from Margaret Thatcher to Pope Francis to Jesus to Darth Vader who have received the rough end of TIME's "horns." Any resemblance to cats, bats or devil horns is entirely coincidental.

In fact, Time has been accused of putting horns on Pope Francis, Bill Clinton, John Travolta, and more.

Every time, they have explained that this was not intentional. Unfortunately, the M in Time often appears to be horns when put on a picture of a person.

So this myth is debunked.

There are real questions about this year's 'Person of the Year', however. Check out our article about that here.

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