Elector Won't Vote For Hillary Until She Appears On 'The Young Turks'

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Among the presidential electors who made news this week, there was one particularly interesting one in Colorado. The elector, who was bound to Hillary Clinton, said he wouldn't vote for Clinton unless she did an interview with The Young Turks.

According to Nick Riccardi of the AP, the elector, named Michael Baca, had made the request previously, but it wasn't clear at the time whether he was going to stick to it.

Baca has long been a 'Hamilton Elector', who wanted to push the electoral college to vote against Donald Trump.

Riccardi explained that Baca was concerned about the Dakota Access Pipeline, and he wanted Hillary Clinton to appear on The Young Turks so that she would be questioned on the issue.

Needless to say, she never appeared on The Young Turks.

Baca, a graduate student at Northern Arizona University, chose to be a Hamilton Elector because he doesn't think Trump is qualified to be president. In an interview with 9 News, he said, "I'm a former U.S. Marine and the core values are honor, courage, commitment. I don't believe Donald Trump has that."

Earlier in the election process, Baca explained to The Atlantic that he intended to ask the electoral college to overturn the election results:

Baca and Chiafolo admit that their campaign is a long shot. But so was Trump's win, they pointed out, and they feel they have to try. "The biggest criticism we've gotten so far," Baca said, "is along the lines of, 'The people have spoken, why don't you go with the people?' But if we did that, then Clinton would be the president," because of her substantial, growing lead in the popular vote. "The Constitution is quite clear about what our job is," Baca said, "and that it's our decision at the end of the day."

Baca ended up voting for John Kasich, although his vote was not counted because he didn't vote the way he was supposed to. He was replaced by another voter, and Clinton ended up getting all 9 electoral votes available from Colorado.

Here is the story Cenk Uygur did about the electors on The Young Turks:

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