Dear Media (Especially NBC): Nobody Gives a F About Megyn Kelly Except You

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This Sunday, Megyn Kelly premieres her new show on NBC, and if you watch the network, it's as if an amalgam of Ghandi and Martin Luther King were returning to earth in the form of a news anchor.

You can't go less than 3 minutes watching MSNBC without hearing a promo or clip from Kelly's new show.

In fact, as I write this, there have been five separate promos for her -- as well as a giant picture of her with "Breaking News" showing on the Chyron.

I'm sorry to have to tell you this NBC, but your weekend interview isn't breaking news for the entire week before it takes place.

Megyn Kelly Has One Success

Megyn Kelly has a reasonably big "get" for her premiere program: Vladimir Putin. But it's not like Putin hasn't been interviewed on TV before.

And it's not like he's going to tell the truth about anything, so the interview is essentially meaningless.

What's worse: for some reason, Kelly decided to make the interview a weekend long affair.

She did multiple events, including a panel today with Putin and Narendra Modi of India. The hard-hitting, incisive question she asked the panel: Does Modi have a Twitter account? (Yes, that was her actual question.)

It's amazing that someone like Kelly -- who is notable purely because Trump insulted her -- still has a career, given that her ratings have been terrible, and she is disliked by both the left and the right.

Even at the height of her popularity, with one of the best timeslots on TV, Kelly was losing huge numbers of viewers from her lead-in, Bill O'Reilly, and she was getting beaten by MSNBC (before they started doing well).

Megyn Kelly: God To Every Wolf Blitzer

Nevertheless, the establishment media is drooling about Megyn Kelly's premiere -- to the point that this was the headline on Yahoo this morning: "The Hidden Meaning Behind Megyn Kelly's Vladimir Putin Interview Outfit," WTF? Hidden meaning? There's no F-ing hidden meaning -- the dress is what some idiot in wardrobe picked out for her...

For some reason, the establishment also looks at Kelly as some feminist hero, despite the fact that she doesn't consider herself to be a feminist -- and that there's no evidence from her history that she cares about anyone else.

Upstairs in Rockefeller Plaza, NBC execs are giddy because they truly think that you relate to Kelly, a former-model-turned-extremely-rich-lawyer.

To everyone else, she's just another useless part of the establishment media. Wake us up when her interview is over and all the promos are gone.

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