What is 'Suraabees' / 'Serabies'? An Explanation of the TYT Sound Board

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Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks often plays a sound board clip where a guy says 'serabies' -- or more accurately, 'surabees'.

But what or who is 'serabies' / 'surabees'? Where does "they're kicking me out the door" come from? Read on for all the answers...

'Surabees' / 'Serabies'

Cenk Uygur often plays the following clip from Donald Trump's short-lived Trump TV. In the Trump TV clip, one of the hosts calls out the term 'Serabies'/'Surabees'.

So what or who is 'Serabies'/'Surabies'? From our research, it appears that it is supposed to be spelled 'Surabees' .

'Surabees' is the nickname for Andrew Surabian, a member of Donald Trump's communications team. Here is a tweet from him Surabian:

They're Kicking Me Out

The phrase "they're kicking me out the door" is another item on Cenk Uygur's soundboard. The phrase comes from a clip of Jeb Bush at the New Hampshire Rotary Luncheon in Nashua NH. In the clip, Bush is interrupted during his speech by the emcee, and ends up having to walk out. You can watch the clip below:

Gimme a Break

"Gimme a Break" is another Jeb Bush phrase. It comes from one of the Republican Primary debates, when Bush was discussing Hillary Clinton. Here is the clip:

'Tell Randy Gonzales'

Another of the items in Cenk Uygur's sound board on The Young Turks is a variation of this: "Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell Randy Gonzalez." This clip actually comes from an insane speech by Republican Phil Davison.

Davison was running for the position of Treasurer in Stark County, Ohio. Although the entire speech is pretty insane, the most insane portion is this:

If nominated tonight, I will win this election. And I'm gonna say that again so there's no miss-communication tonight! If nominated tonight I win. Tell your friends. Tell your neighbors. Tell Randy Gonzalez!

I'm coming both barrels, guns loaded. I believe in the entities, the principles of the National Republican Party The State Of Ohio Republican Party, and the Stark County Republican Party.

Randy Gonzalez was the Democratic candidate for the Treasurer position.

You can watch Davison's speech below:

Got any more sound board questions? Tweet us and we'll explain them.

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