WTF? Omarosa Is Using Your Money To Throw Private Parties At The White House

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Here's a story that received almost no attention, among the myriad of Presidential fails this week: Omarosa Manigault -- the former reality TV character turned White House aide -- has found a new pastime.

What is it? Hosting private parties for herself and her friends at the White House.

That's right, Omarosa, whom we as taxpayers are paying to do God-knows-what, invited former Apprentice contestant Katrina Campins to the White House this week to have a baby shower.

And it looks like they took full advantage of all of the taxpayer-funded facilities.

Campins made a big deal out of the party on Twitter:

Campins posted pictures of herself walking the White House grounds, hanging out with federal employee Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and standing at the podium in the White House briefing room.

Campins and her entourage also took photos with Trump adviser and Hungarian Nazi, Sebastian Gorka, who is also on the taxpayer payroll.

Probably the most ridiculous thing about Campins' party was the fact that she appears to have been allowed into the Oval Office to witness the Lebanese Prime Minister's meeting with Trump.

As part of her party, Campins also received gifts with the White House logo emblazoned on them. It's unclear whether those gifts were paid for by taxpayers.

All of this occurred on a Tuesday, when Omarosa and the rest were supposedly working. Omarosa is one of the highest paid aides in the White House, earning around $180,000/year.

Nevertheless, there's no need to be too concerned about Omarosa missing work, since it's unclear what she is qualified to do anyway.

In fact, her most recent paying jobs included: doing local plays, being a substitute teacher, and going on the Steve Harvey Show.

It looks like we're now literally paying Trump's reality TV minions to party in the White House. That's the Trump era for you.

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