Donald Trump May Have Posted His Most Insane Thing Yet On Twitter

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Donald Trump has been off the deep end lately, but this may just be his most insane post ever:

This post appeared this morning on Twitter, as the President should be celebrating the veterans and the birth of the country. Instead he was on Twitter.

It's unclear whether Trump actually spent the time to create this image, although we suspect that it has been making the rounds previously.

If he did create this, it would be a shocking waste of time for a president who has done almost nothing since being in office.

Given the rate at which this post is getting retweeted, it may be the most widespread tweet Trump has ever posted. But it is clearly the most childish thing he has posted in a LONG time.

Spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders recently insisted that Trump has never promoted violence against the media. Here is CNN hitting back at that:

Posts like these make it seem clear that Trump is not mentally fit to remain in office.

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