Clueless Sean Spicer Tweets Donald Trump Confirmed As Secretary of HUD

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Donald Trump's administration is not one to miss an opportunity to look stupid -- especially on Twitter. The same administration that previously spelled 'unprecedented' as 'unpresidented' now has made another ridiculous Twitter error.

Today, Sean Spicer tweeted that Donald Trump was confirmed as the next Secretary of the HUD. Of course, the real person confirmed was Ben Carson. You can see the tweet below.

The Senate has confirmed @realDonaldTrump as the next Secretary of @HUDgov

While obviously a careless error, this is one of a large pattern of careless errors by this White House. If this were an isolated incident, it would be totally unimportant.

However, for a group of people controlling nuclear weapons that could blow up the world several times over, the pattern of errors is extremely concerning.

With one wrong tweet, Spicer could send markets into a tailspin, he could destroy companies or even entire economies, and he could even start a war.

There is no room for error in this kind of thing.

Spicer has been very loose with words -- often clearly lying -- while holding the media to a much higher standard.

Although the media does need to be held to a top standard, it is very important that Spicer does the same.

You can read the screenshot of the tweet below:

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