GOP Greg Gianforte Gets Record Donations After Assaulting Reporter Before Election

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Tomorrow is the special election for the single Montana U.S. House of Representatives seat, and as campaigning was winding down for both the Democrat and the Republican candidates, something unbelievable happened: according to multiple reports, Greg Gianforte, the Republican candidate, assaulted a reporter by "body slamming" him.

And now, according to sources, Gianforte has received a huge surge in donations, $100,000, after the body slam.

Greg Gianforte Slams Guardian Reporter

Greg Gianforte allegedly attacked a reporter for the Guardian, Ben Jacobs today. During an interview (with a different reporter), Jacobs apparently asked a question that Gianforte didn't like.

Gianforte got upset, according to the audio recording of the incident, and he started accusing Jacobs. He then -- essentially out of nowhere -- pushed Jacobs to the ground, breaking Jacobs' glasses.

Jacobs was then forced out of the room, and was taken to the hospital by an ambulance. The police arrived, but Gianforte wasn't arrested.

Jacobs then called into multiple TV shows in order to discuss the matter. The audio is available from The Guardian's website.

Greg Gianforte, Republican Candidate for House

Greg Gianforte is a successful businessman who is computer software.

According to The Squander, Gianforte started a software business in the mid 1980s, and he built it into a company that was sold to McAfee for $10 million in the 90s.

Gianforte then started a company called RightNow, which went IPO, and then was sold to Oracle for over $1.5 billion.

Although the sale price was extremely high, Gianforte isn't a billionaire. The Squander reports that he's worth around $300 million.

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