MSNBC Pundit Nicole Nikpour: We're In 'Religious War' With Islam (Watch)

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Today on MSNBC, Republican operative Nicole Nikpour appeared for a discussion on the Trump Muslim ban, and she argued that the ban is necessary because we're in a 'religious war' with Islam.

While Trump and his cronies (like 'Donald Trump is the only one who hasn't fired me' Piers Morgan) have argued that Trump's Executive Order was not a Muslim ban, people like Nicole Nikpour have been undermining those arguments with their holy war talk.

During MSNBC's 12:00 ET hour, Nikpour made this statement:

I'm going to throw your viewers for an outrageous loop, and I'm sure they're gonna be irritated, but I've got to tell you: everybody's very upset about the quote-unquote Muslim ban, but if you look at this, this is a religious war, you know the the radical Islam [sic], what they're, what they're doing is they're doing this in the name of their -- you know a radical part of their religion.

She continued:

A lot of people are too scared...a lot of people are very scared to say, sometimes we need something like's not persecuting all Muslims

She further went on to justify what appears to be a holy war on Muslims in the name of scared voters in middle America, before getting back onto the Trump message:

It's convenient for the take this and say he wants to ban all Muslims and it's all -- you know --chaos. What he wants to do is have extreme vetting, and I think all he wanted to do was just hold it up for a certain period of time so he could get a system in place...

Apparently Nikpour of now wasn't listening to Nikpour of two minutes ago, because that's essentially the opposite of what she said.

If Trump is creating a ban because we're in a holy war, then he is creating a religious ban.

And if you say he's doing it to satisfy voters who want a ban, then it's not a temporary action to get a "system in place" -- it is a ban.

Watch the video below...we'll let you make your own decisions about her logic...

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