NSA Insider Makes Shock Claim Re Trump Impeachment: 'He Will Die In Jail'

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A few minutes ago, a former NSA employee named John Schindler posted what may be one of the most shocking and concerning tweets so far regarding the Donald Trump administration.

The tweets says the following: "now we go nuclear. IC [intelligence community] war going to new levels. Just got an EM [email] from senior IC [intelligence community] friend, it began 'he will die in jail'."

Schindler has a lot of credibility within the intelligence reporting community, given that he was formerly part of the NSA and has been a security consultant.

The statement "he will die in jail" may be the most provocative statement made today by a mainstream figure regarding Donald Trump and potential impeachment.

Schindler posted the tweet in response to a question from another person named Joe Walters, who said "I can kind of guess but what do you think is going on inside NatSec right now after Trump's 'intelligence' tweet this morning?"

While Schindler has produced no evidence regarding his statement, this is definitely something that could turn into something major in the near future.

No doubt news organizations are clamoring to speak with Schindler and try to get additional information regarding this tweet.

WikiLeaks posted a message asking if anyone has any additional information on what Schindler's tweet may mean; Schindler later said that Wikileaks was harrassing him.

Schindler had previously tweeted this:

We will have to see in the next few hours whether anything additional comes from the statement, or if it's just hearsay.

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