What is 'Todd & Clare'? Did Larry Summers Use It To Attack Wikileaks' Julian Assange?

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In the last 48 hours, it was reported that a company called Todd & Clare, sometimes stylized ToddAndClare, accused Wikileaks creator Julian Assange of pedophilia and accepting money from Russia.

Now, a Redditor is asserting that Todd & Clare may be run by a private intelligence company called Premise Data Corporation, whose board has included Clinton-loyalists like Larry Summers.

What is 'Todd and Clare' Update: ToddandClare.com Shuts Down

Todd and Clare has been shut down. On their website they say the following:

Company Statement 10/21/2016

Following a serious hack of our website, to protect our members we've taken the decision to close the network until further notice. If you are a member of Todd and Clare requiring support, please contact us.

Further updates will be published on our blog.

We thank all our members, business partners, and associates for your support.

The Todd and Clare team

This is a very strange statement given that their blog is on the same server -- so if their server has been hacked (or is susceptible to hacking), you'd think they would take the server down entirely --- not keep the blog and shut down the main part.

And the blog contains no new posts, which is even more questionable.

What Is 'Todd & Clare'?

Todd & Clare appears to be a dating site with members across the world. However, a Wikileaks investigation is questioning its legitimacy:

ToddAndClare.com's homepage currently states that they are "The Leading SMS Dating Network" and that "This online dating site is a United Nations Global Compact member, with 100,000+ female singles in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, and RSA, seeking men." 12 The homepage has a few pictures of women and a brief description of ToddAndClare.com, including "We're a real couple who started this in Indianapolis". At the bottom of the homepage is a link to customer service with the email address support@toddandclare.com. At the bottom of the homepage, there is the disclaimer "TM & (C) Todd and Clare. All Rights Reserved." A random selection of photos of the women on Toddandclare.com website were investigated to see if they correspond to legitimate users of the site. The investigation revealed that the photos have been obtained from other sites on the Internet, have been slightly cropped, and have been mirrored left to right, a known technique to prevent reverse image search services, such as Google's Reverse Image Search, from locating the true origin of an image.

Furthermore, the address listed for Todd & Clare is a faceless storage warehouse:

So if Wikileaks turns out to be right, and Todd and Clare is not a real dating site, what could it be? Read on...

What Does Todd & Clare Have To Do With Julian Assange and Wikileaks?

Todd & Clare claimed that a family in the Bahamas reported to police that their daughter was molested online by Julian Assange. Here's what The Daily Kos wrote about it:

On September 28 this year a Canadian family holidaying in the Bahamas reported to the police that their 8-year-old daughter was "sexually molested online" by Assange on Toddandclare.com, including propositioning her "to perform oral and anal sex acts." She was presumably accessing the site through her 22-year-old sister's account. Whether these chats were recorded or not isn't clear but the family claims they identified Assange.


"We understand Julian Assange was clearly photo- and video- identified in the chatlogs by both the parents of the juvenile, [and the] Social Services worked involved...

"We understand the family reported to the Bahamas authorities that Mr Assange sent the 8-year-old juvenile (i) unlawful, indecent images and video media of himself performing lewd sex acts on a mobile camera device, and (ii) unlawful obscenity materials of a child pornographic nature."

The final clause notwithstanding, it's not clear as yet whether he knew he was interacting with an 8-year-old or thought it was the 22-year-old account holder.

Todd & Clare filed this accusation with the UN, and that's how the accusation became public. In press releases, the company argues that the UN and Wikileaks are working together to cover up the Bahamas molestation story:

Toddandclare Facebook post relating to the Bahamas investigation (actually open letter to the Canadian PM Trudeau) alleging the Bahamas Police swept the investigation "under the rug" and leaked the story to a UK tabloid (via its US editor), resulting in the social services woman now denying meeting the family or housing them for a month (I can't see that the Sun published anything online; perhaps in print?); and alleging the UN delisted them due directly to a friend of Assange's at the UN (Mads Andenas) intervening.

From PRnewswire on 13 Oct, Todd Hammond of Toodandclare.com said from their Houston office:

On page 8 of our UN report, we say we'd been warned by Wikileaks to expect actions on our UN membership if we didn't drop our UK court case. Our UN delisting means the attacks have started.

The report also claims the company has become the target of "cyber warfare", and their 20+ female employees were advised to remove their social media presence from Facebook etc.

But Is Todd & Clare Real? What is Premise Data Corporation

It seems very strange that Todd & Clare has no real building, and many fake profiles.

Now, a user on Reddit has a theory. He did some research and says that the company at the address listed for Todd & Clare is actually a company called Premise Data Corporation. That company appears to be a private intelligence organization whose board includes well-known Clinton loyalist and former Harvard president Larry Summers.

It is also associated with other Clinton loyalists. Here's what the Reddit user says:

Curious, I went onto the Premise site, that lists a different address: 185 Berry Street, Suite 6850 San Fransisco CA, 94107. As you can see it is VERY close to the other address listed in the CA Business registry here(just search for the business name). Image of the record itself I was poking around the site itself and noticed a familiar name on their board of directors: Larry Summers, Lawrence Summers as he is known sometimes. This is the same Larry Summers that is part of the Center for American Progress where "loyal Soldier" Neera Tanden works.There was also a strange autoreply with the subject Larry Summers in the Podesta Leak 8-11-2015

There's even a picture with Hillary Clinton and the founder of Premise according to another Reddit thread.

So Does That Mean That The Assange Accusations are Fake?

Clearly, there is a close relationship between Premise Data Corporation and the Clinton machine. But that doesn't necessarily mean that Larry Summers and Premise are colluding with the Clintons to make up accusations against Wikileaks and Jullan Assange.

Although the company seems questionable, the accusations may be real. However, at this point there is some doubt about them. We will keep up to date with this story and update it here.

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