Trumpsanity Today: Devin Nunes Using Your Tax $ To Do Own Investigation, Assange Hires Racist, CNN Calls Trump 'Pathological Liar'

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In today's Trumpsanity news:

  • House Republican Devin Nunes, who was supposed to have recused himself from the Trump/Russia investigation for 1) being involved, and 2) covering for Trump with the unmasking BS, is using your tax dollars to fund his own staff members doing their own investigation.
  • Julian Assange has now gone full Alt-Right. The guy who made a name for himself by shedding light on U.S. murders of civilians in Iraq is now not only Hannity's best friend -- he's also offering the racist/sexist guy who was fired from Google a job. I wonder what Hannity would think about the fact that he supported Iraqis.
  • CNN's Brian Stelter has finally admitted it: Trump is a pathological liar:
  • MSNBC invited possible war criminal Erik Prince on today to discuss his plans for Afghanistan. Of course, they let him slide without saying how much money he would make from the war. And nobody asked him about his secret Trump-Russia-UAE meeting in the Seychelles. Prince wants a "Viceroy" in Afghanistan "like the East India Co". Yeah that's gonna go well... BTW, they also had Sebastian Gorka on, and didn't mention that he's a Nazi.
  • CNN did ask about the Seychelles meeting, but got a BS response

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