What's the name of the Wall Street bro who humped the "fearless girl" statue?

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Only one day after State Street Bank put up a statue of a young girl facing down the famous Wall Street bull, a young jerk in a suit was photographed humping the statue for a laugh.

Now, Twitter users are racing to identify the man in the photo.

A few days ago, State Street, along with other organizations, decided to place a statue of a young girl facing down the iconic bull statue on Wall Street.

However, it wasn't long before a young man who appears to work on Wall Street decided that he would go up and hump the young girl statue as a joke with his friends.

When he saw the incident occurring, a man named Alexis Kaloyanides took a picture, and he decided to post it on Facebook because of how disgusted he felt. He wrote the following description:

Almost as if out of central casting, some Wall Street finance broseph appeared and started humping the statue while his gross date rape-y friends laughed and cheered him on. He pretended to have sex with the image of a little girl. Douchebags like this are why we need feminism.

Immediately after the picture was posted, people on the Internet started searching for the name and employer of the man who humped the statute.

While it seems like he would be easy to identify, news outlets and Twitter users have been unable to find a name or business for the man.

Name of the Wall Street guy who humped the fearless girl statue?

Given how widespread the video has gone, it's unlikely that the man will be able to stay anonymous for long.

In fact, some of the biggest news outlets in the world are out to find the man.

Some people on Twitter seem to believe that they may have identified the man, although from our research, none of the names that have surfaced to date are accurate.

In other cases like this, the name of the perpetrator usually leaks within hours. But the fact that the man's name has not been leaked by now is not surprising.

Wall Street has a 'no snitching' culture, given the amount of illegal -- or at least extremely unethical -- activity that goes on.

The boy's club on Wall Street tends to protect each other in situations like this. And upper management likely did the same thing when they were younger, so they're not likely to take it seriously either.

We will update this article if the man is actually identified.

Extremists plotting to vandalize fearless girl statue?

After the actions of the Wall Street bro (whose name has not yet been identified) went viral, the statue has become a target for angry men online.

Given the overly politicized current climate, it was just a matter of time between the statue became a political symbol.

While many people have requested that the statue remain where it is, some extremists are -- for whatever reason -- not happy with what the statue symbolizes, suggesting that it is intended to be political.

There have been plots to vandalize the statue on sites like 4chan, where people are being recruited to weld a 'MAGA' hat on the statue.

Hopefully, people remain vigilant and ensure that the statue is safe going forward.

Alexis Kaloyanides