More Golf? Trump Takes Off Almost Entire Month of August After Telling Senate To Stay and Work

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Donald Trump is going for a much needed vacation...

After taking off to play golf 38 times in the first 6 months of his presidency, he must be exhausted. So it looks like he's decided to take almost the entire month of August off to hang out at his Bedminster resort.

According to the FAA, as noticed by Zeke Miller of Time, a TFR alert is posted for Bedminster/Morristown, NJ for August 3rd to 20th.

That alert is given to restrict airspace when the President will be in a certain location.

Trump has been complaining about the Senate not having passed their new health care bill. He has told them they cannot go on break until the bill is passed.

The Washington Post recently reported that Trump has not spent more than 9 consecutive days in Washington since he became President.

In fact, he has spent a total of 701 hours at Trump properties since the inauguration -- more than he's spend traveling, overseas, and on work trips combined.

In the past, Trump has tweeted 27 times about President Obama's golf vacations. Here are some:

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