Trump & Mayflower: How Donald Trump Connects to the Mayflower Hotel

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Donald Trump could be in a world of trouble if Washington Post reporter Seth Abramson is right about his most recent conjecture.

Abramson links Donald Trump to the famous Washington DC Mayflower Hotel, in a Watergate type conspiracy. What is it?

1) Donald Trump and the Mayflower: Abramson's Take

First, here's Abramson's tweet that started the thread:

The story begins with Paul Manafort, Trump's former campaign manager, and the guy who Trump fired because of ties to Russia.

According to Abramson, Manafort was chosen as Trump's campaign manager within hours after Trump knew he'd be the Republican nominee for president in 2016.

Abramson claims this was done on purpose, suggesting that Russia somehow chose Manafort -- although it's not clear why it wouldn't have happened before that.

2) Donald Trump's Meeting at the Mayflower

Soon after being chosen as the nominee, Trump announced that he would do a foreign policy speech.

Jared Kushner apparently set up the speech, and it was hosted by a pro-Russia think tank. The original location for the event was changed, and a small location at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington DC was chosen.

Abramson appears to suggest that the change in venue was because the Mayflower had restricted areas so the attendees could go unnoticed. The event was supposed to be a cocktail hour with 24 people.

3) Donald Trump's Meeting at the Mayflower: The Attendees

At the Mayflower meeting, Donald Trump had the following people:

  • Jared Kushner, his son in law (who for whatever reason now runs much of the US foreign policy)
  • Jeff Sessions, a longtime Trump ally who is now Attorney General
  • Corey Lewandkowski, Trump's former campaign manager
  • Paul Manafort
  • Bud McFralane, a pro-Russia advocate who was known for sketchy dealings in the past, and now wants to get Russian oil access
  • The Ambassador of the Philippines
  • The Ambassador of Singapore
  • The Ambassador of Italy
  • The Ambassador of Russia, who is also allegedly a Russian spy

The last three men, the ambassadors in red, were the same men who were involved in negotiating a GIANT Russian oil deal.

4) Donald Trump and the Rosneft Deal

According to Abramson, the Russian oil deal was for the sale of the company called Rosneft, which owns a huge part of Russian oil reserves. The sale would net Putin billions -- maybe even hundreds of billions -- of dollars.

During the time the Rosneft deal was being executed, Bud McFarlane, the shady pro-Russian oil guy visited Trump Tower. Abramson believes that the Russian Ambassador was there as well.

5) The Trump Mayflower Meeting: Details

Back to the Mayflower meeting. At the meeting, Abramson says Trump met with all of the ambassadors (see #3) separately. The Philippines ambassador was there because the Philippines was where the oil company Rosneft was going to focusing its attention.

This meeting occurred right before Trump did his big foreign policy speech (see #2) which centered on Russia, and how we need to be better friends to Russia.

The interesting thing about the meeting is this: Jeff Sessions, in his disclosures to Congress (which he needed to submit to become Attorney General), did NOT say that the meeting occurred.

Even under pressure. But Abramson has sources that he says prove that the meeting DID occur.

6) Why Did The Trump Team Hide The Mayflower Meeting?

It's unclear why Trump's team would hide the Mayflower meeting, unless for nefarious purposes. According to Abramson, the Trump Team says they couldn't remember who attended the meeting.

7) So When You Put Everything Together...

You get the following, again according to Abramson:

1) The Trump Team repeatedly lied about the Mayflower meeting, and who was there +

2) Something went on with Russia at the Mayflower meeting

= Congress needs to investigate the Mayflower meeting.

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