50 Serious Questions For People Who Want To Arm Teachers

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Somehow, through the lunacy of American politics, we have gotten to a place where a significant percentage of people think that it's a good idea for teachers at public schools to be carrying concealed weapons while trying to do their jobs.

For those people, here are 50 questions that we'd like to hear the answers to:

1) According to the President, 10%-20% of teachers will be carrying guns. The President says that those people will be former military or law enforcement officers.

Only 1/2 of one percent of US residents are in the military, and another 1/4 of one percent are law enforcement officers. Given that, how can you expect 10%-20% of teachers to have been former military or LEOs?

2) In order to fill the gap, are you going to hire additional police and military retirees as teachers?  When hiring teachers, will you choose those with military/police experience over those without?

3) The President says he will give small bonuses every year to teachers who sign up to carry a gun.

How will that be paid for, given that in many schools budgets are so tight that teachers have to spend their own money on supplies?

4) Since this idea is being pushed by the President, will the federal government be willing to step in to pay the difference?  Where in the budget will  that go?

5) What kinds of guns will teachers carry? It won't be to very effective to arm them with a Glock when the shooter has a weapon capable of 50 rounds or more per minute.

6) If they're carrying a pistol, are teachers going to be expected to go directly up to a shooter amidst a spray of bullets, while being totally outgunned?

7) Otherwise, are teachers going to be carrying larger, higher capacity weapons, such as AR-15s or M16s? What will this be like?

8) Are the guns going to be on the teachers at all times?

9) If so, what happens if a much larger student -- possibly not even during a shooting -- overpowers a smaller teacher carrying a weapon?

10) Are the guns going to be loaded at all times?  If so, what happens if they go off by accident?  If not, will teachers have time (and presence of mind) to load the weapons during an active confrontation?

11) If the guns are going to be locked up, where will they be locked?  What kind of safe will they be in?  Will there be a gun safe in every classroom?

12) If there is a gun safe, everyone will know where that is...won't that be extremely distracting?

13) Who will have the key or code to the safe? If they teacher has it, couldn't they be overpowered by a student? If there is a code, what if the teacher forgets it under the pressure of an active shooting?

14) Will the same key/code work on all safes in all classrooms? Teachers move from one classroom to another.

15) If they do all use the same key or code, how will you keep that key safe? How will you keep the code safe?  What happens if a student finds out the code or gets a copy of the key?

16) Who will pay for insurance for the weapons? Who will provide insurance, given the hugely increased liability of local schools?

17) Can teachers be sued if their gun gets used to harm a student?  Will there have to be immunity of some sort?

18) What happens if a teacher goes crazy?  Many of us have had teachers who didn't seem fully stable -- now are we going to let them carry guns in class?

19) Will we need someone else (principals? janitors?) to be armed to shoot teachers if they (the teachers) go on a shooting rampage?

20) How are teachers identified? When the police arrive, how will they know that the teacher is a good guy?  Remember, not all school shooters are kids...

21) According to the President, students are not supposed to know which teachers have weapons.  During a shooting, how will students know that the teacher is the good guy?  Not every student knows every teacher in a school.

22) How are we going to ensure that in anger, a teacher doesn't use his/her weapon on a misbehaving student? There have been examples of SROs unlawfully using force on students.

23) What happens if a teacher accidentally shoots an innocent student during a shootout?  Can they be sued? Can the school be sued?

24) When gunfire is flying in all different directions during a confrontation, how will a teacher instantly determine who the bad guy is?  Remember, a teacher can also be a school shooter.

25) Will the weapons be provided by teachers or the school district?

26) Who is responsible for ensuring the weapons are in working and safe order at all times?

27) Will the weapons be kept at school overnight?  If so, the school will be an easy target for criminals -- will there be 24 hour guards?

28) If the teacher will be responsible for keeping their own guns, will the teacher be liable if something goes wrong due to poor maintenance or safety procedures?

29) What will keep teachers from fleeing the scene to save their own lives, like we saw the SRO do in Florida?

30) What happens if a teacher has a chance to engage with a shooter but chooses not to?  Will they be liable for compensating those that do die?

31) Will weapons remain loaded at all times? If not, will teachers have the time and presence of mind to load the weapon while being shot at?

32) The President suggests that having armed teachers will be a deterrence.  What evidence is there for that?

33) A large percentage of school shooters go into a shooting expecting to die -- and many kill themselves.  In that case, is arming teachers really a deterrent?

34) The SRO was armed in Florida, and the shooter knew that. Why wasn't he deterred?

35) Will teachers have to be wearing body armor? When will they have the time to put that on?

36) Or will teachers have to come to school everyday wearing armor?  In many cases, shooters go on the attack wearing armor.

37) What happens if a gun jams, or there is some other problem?  Will the school be liable?  Will the teacher be liable? 

38) What if the gun jams when the teacher goes to confront the shooter, and the teacher gets killed?  Who is responsible for that?

39) Will parents have a say in whether their teachers have a gun?

40) What if certain individual parents object? Will there be any sort of special circumstances set up for their children?

41) How often will teachers have to be tested to ensure that they can still shoot properly?  Or that their vision is accurate?  Many teachers are older.

42) Law enforcement keep in constant communication via radio.  This helps avoid friendly fire.  Will teachers also have to carry radios?

43) If 10% of teachers are armed, how many people can be killed before the killer reaches an area with an armed teacher?  Each armed teacher would have to cover many thousands of square feet -- and possibly multiple floors.

44) How will we be sure that teachers are not using weapons to intimidate students -- especially in poorer schools?

45) What happens if a teacher gets killed, and the shooter gets his/her weapon?

46) Mid level police officers in some states (like Massachusetts) can make $250,000+ a years with overtime.

If a teacher has to go through similar training and have similar risk of death, why would they choose a $40,000 teaching job over a lucrative policing job.

47) How many good teachers will leave the profession because they're being asked to be an armed law enforcement force as opposed to educators?

48) What happens at recess? After school? Will this protect students at those times?

49) How much ammo will be stored in classrooms?  Will that be stored with the gun? What happens if a bad guy gets a hold of the ammo?

50) Is this the direction we really want our society to go in? Do we really want every place we go to to be militarized in order to handle this problem? 

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