Rust Belt Joe - Biden A Fine, Imperfect Pick in 2020

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Not perfect, but then who is? 

Ukraine issues? Doubt it.

Anita Hill--not so good Joe, but we can mostly get past that. Kim Jong Un's Central News Agency (the equivalent of the Hannity Show on Fox) thinks he's "a fool of low IQ"--but what the hell do they know?

To many (well, to me at least) he's just "Rust Belt Joe"--it's all about reclaiming those electoral votes.  Trump's numbers are sliding in those states anyway, but people say he's an insurance policy.

Born in 1942 in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Uncle Joe was a lawyer before he became a Senator in 1972. Biden was a member of the Foreign Relations Committee for years, and opposed the Gulf War in 1991 (that was the first Gulf war, kids).

Voted for the second Iraq ware (not good Joe), but also voted against the surge. He lost the 1988 and 2008 Democratic primaries, but Barack Obama plucked him from deadwoodsville--and he was a great Vice President, I'm pretty sure.

Joe Biden has seen more than his fair share of tragedy.  But that's not why I would vote for him.  My reason is that he's decent.   Not too exciting, not perfect.  But he can win--that's all that counts.

I'm not sure Joe knows what a tweet is, but here's his