Is Concern About Oil Spills 'Speculation'? Watch Jordan Chariton Debate

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The Dakota Access Pipeline has been a subject of much controversy and debate over the last several months.

On one side are the Native Americans who are concerned about the land and the safety of a pipeline going through it, and on the other side are the local government, the oil companies, and President Trump.

One of the people who's been covering the story the most thoroughly is The Young Turks' Jordan Chariton.

Chariton has reported from the DAPL site on numerous occasions, and broke several new stories about skirmishes between police and protesters at the protest grounds.

Yesterday, Chariton appeared on a local TV station in North Dakota to debate host Chris Berg, who is decidedly against the protesters.

Chariton took on Berg, who is known for his attacks against people on the left, and debated the issue of the pipeline.

Throughout the discussion, both debaters accused each other of lying and distorting the truth. However, Berg made an interesting assertion: that because the pipeline hasn't yet burst, worrying about it bursting is pure speculation.

Moreover, in his estimation, the data regarding other pipeline explosions is irrelevant -- because those are different pipelines. Implied in that statement is that there is therefore no reason to be concerned about building the pipeline.

The logical fallacy in this statement should be evident to anybody. Just because something has not happened yet, it doesn't mean you shouldn't prepare for it.

One would assume that people like Berg would agree, considering the number of counterexamples there are for such an argument.

For instance, should I not prepare for a fire just because my house has never caught fire to date? Should there be no airport security at North Dakota area airports since there hasn't yet been any sort of attack on airports in North Dakota?

Watch the video below and let us know if you agree.

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